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"This is my comfort in my affliction, that Thy word has revived me." (Psalm 119:50)

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Approximately 1 in 3 people will develop cancer in their lifetime. Chances are you know someone right now. There are many books about cancer offering advice and support but Confronting Cancer with Faith is actually a Bible study that uses God's Word to confront the realities of cancer while guiding the reader into a deeper faith. Whether in the stage of suspicion, treatment, remission, or the end of life, you will discover biblical answers to cancer. Some of the issues discussed are: purpose in pain, comfort in crisis, brokenness, the truth of God's promises, freedom through worship, acceptance, the shadow of death, and finding contentment.

Whirlwinds, sheep, tornadoes, and shadows merge together in this award-winning six-week Bible study. Each of the thirty faith-filled lessons are packed with descriptive insights, biblical truths, and coping techniques. Be prepared to be encouraged, educated, comforted, and redirected. Scriptural references and symbolisms are used to parallel personal circumstances to provide greater relevance. Using my experiences with breast cancer, honest emotions, personal dilemmas, and God-centered solutions are explored. Questions and answers, simple exercises, meditative thoughts, and exploration of feelings engage the reader with every lesson helping to ease the pain of cancer and improve one's general and spiritual well-being.

Whether Christ is the center of your existence or a distant bystander, the devastation of cancer is the same. If you have been diagnosed with cancer or are supporting someone who has, this study is for you. A gift of encouragement for someone else or a boost of inspiration for yourself, this study provides a daily dose of spiritual medicine to soothe the troubled soul.


"I ordered it on a Thursday, it arrived on Saturday, and I couldn't put it down. I kept telling my husband, 'This is exactly how I felt, this is the same Scripture that got me through, this book is about me!' I have now taught Karen's Bible study four times, at two different churches and in a private home. It speaks straight to the heart of not only those who are going through cancer, but to anyone whose life has been affected by cancer or any life crisis. It is truly a journey of faith which is spiritually uplifting while dealing with the stark realities of a cancer diagnosis and the aftermath. This one-of-a-kind Bible study, which brings hope, encouragement, and comfort, has changed my life."

posted on Amazon.com by Diane Kruger in Illionois who gave it a 5-star rating

"I was given the book as a gift shortly after I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I found her study to be so helpful to me in the early days of my journey. It was so meaningful to be able to identify with the author during each stage of her journey. It mirrored what I was going through so closely. I find myself going back to the book again and again for inspiration and encouragement. I have now gifted this book to others who have been diagnosed with cancer in hopes they will find it as uplifting as I did."

posted on Amazon.com by T. Reid in Alabama who gave it a 5-star rating

"Since this is Breast Cancer Awareness month I thought it appropriate to post this book review to start off the month. This book is a devotional/journal type book. Plus the author has made places where the reader may also write down their own thoughts and happenings as they too face the "C" that has entered their life. My mom had breast cancer and mastectomy about five years ago so this issue is close to my heart. I'm sure you can tell by my blog theme this month. I believe the author did an awesome job putting together this book. It is a six week ~ devotional study course, 5 days a week. The author takes the reader on her personal journey through her Cancer experience. She starts out with preparation in Week 1 setting the stage and goes on through the Diagnosis, plan, effects, responses and the rewards ~ each week. She'll help you to accept the changes and know that you are still beautiful. Allen helps the reader find hope through brokenness."

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Book signing at Barnes and Noble in Birmingham, AL

"Karen Allen’s work in cancer research became personal when, in 2003, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her journey prompted her to chronicle all that God taught her and pass it on to bring hope to others. The award-winning Bible study Confronting Cancer with Faith encourages those who are impacted by cancer—whether through their own diagnosis or walking through it with a friend or family member—to draw near to God in each step of the process. Written with depth and honesty, the study includes personal stories, references to scripture, and opportunities for reflection, along with exercises that allow the reader to express her feelings and go deeper with the Lord.

"Confronting Cancer with Faith has the power to comfort and strengthen those battling all kinds of cancer, allowing them to see God at work and lean on Him at a time when they need it most."

Reviewed by Jeanette Hanscome, author of Focus on the Family’s Want More? Joy and over 300 articles, devotions, and promotional pieces.

"Finally, a book approaching cancer that is more than just "let your faith help you learn to live with cancer." Dealing with cancer is not just a spiritual journey, it is a spiritual exercise--an opportunity to put your faith to work. The website builds on the concepts that Karen presents in her study. A very valuable resource for anyone wanting to participate in the healing process!"

Posted on Amazon.com by Richard W. Moulton in Maitland, FL who gave it a 5-star rating

Sample lesson

Once a cancer diagnosis has been made, it feels like the beginning of a whirlwind. Can there be a correlation to the whirlwinds of the Bible?

Lesson 7 - The Whirlwind Begins

Outline of the Book

Lessons are divided into three general aspects of cancer: the preparation (1 week), the process (4 weeks), and the aftermath (1 week).




Week 1 - Phase I - Setting the Stage

1 Suspicion of the "C" Word
2 Preparation for the Journey
3 Purpose in Pain
4 Get Plugged In
5 Remembering God's Promises


Week 2 - The Diagnosis

6 A Time to Cry
7 The Whirlwind Begins
8 Order in the Telling
9 Gathering Support
10 In the Place of Brokenness

Week 3
- The Plan

11 God Reaches Out
12 Clear Margins
13 The Shepherd's Comfort
14 A Better Perspective
15 "X" Marks the Spot

Week 4
- The Effects

16 Accepting Change
17 You're Still Beautiful
18 The Shocks Don't Stop
19 Relationships Molded
20 The Shadow of Death

Week 5
- The Responses

21 Finding an Outlet
22 Building the Faith
23 Worship God Anyway
24 God's Peace ~ Our Joy
25 Stepping into Glory


Week 6 - Phase II - The Rewards

26 Because It's Over
27 Wearing the Label
28 Reaping the Rewards
29 A New You
30 Finding Contentment

Behind the Scenes

I cannot begin to tell you how many setbacks occurred during the time it took to write this Bible study. I am convinced the devil didn't want it to happen! When I lost my journal containing all of my precious notes and godly encounters, I was resigned to give up. How could I possibly remember it all? I prayed that if God still wanted me to write it, He would have to give me clear direction and remembrance. He did. I came to understand that the journal would have been a crutch and I would have been less likely to rely upon God's divine direction.

As I wrote each lesson, God spoke to me all over again, sometimes through my discouragement, teaching me new things. I began to notice events in my everyday life become pertinent to the topic of the lesson I was working on. If I were writing about faith, suddenly I would find the perfect reference to illustrate my point. Or I might receive an email about the topic I was pondering. Or maybe I would experience the truth of what my lesson title was about in a brand new way. For example, "Finding an Outlet" was a lesson written to describe the various outlets I used to stay focused on God throughout my cancer trials. However, while going through some career challenges at the time of the writing, I realized that my writing itself had become an outlet. Needless to say, I was apprehensive when it came time to write "In the Place of Brokenness!" As you might have guessed, "brokenness" came knocking that very week. I quickly came to realize that I was not just writing a Bible study for the benefit of others and for the glory of God but that God wanted to bless me and all of those involved in a fresh way. What a joy!

One thing that astonishes me is how this Bible study fits together so seamlessly considering it was not written in sequential order. Each lesson was written independent of the other. In fact, I intentionally chose to write one lesson from one week, then another lesson from another week, and so on until they were all completed. This method made it more exciting, stimulating, and fresh. Two lessons side by side could have easily been written 2 years apart! God guided me with the right words at the right time.

For myself, I want nothing more than to glorify God in the greatest possible way and to develop a ministry that will do the same. For you, I humbly desire that my Bible study will help you find comfort, hope, and faith in the sorrow and trials you are facing. May God show you His tender compassion and mercy in a personal way as He did for me. I ask you to please pledge to yourself to complete the entire study. Don't give up. If it's too hard to read at times, put it down for a while but pick it back up. Even if you can't do a full lesson in a day, take whatever time you need but be thorough. Read it all, don't miss a word. If it takes six months to finish, OK, but please finish. Every lesson has an important message. Allow God to speak to you. Open your heart and your mind to anticipate what God has in store for you. If you do these things, you will surely be blessed.

I would enjoy hearing how this Bible study has impacted your life. Please visit my blog or email me directly at karen@confrontingcancerwithfaith.com. I look forward to hearing from you.


"This is a very well done spiritual guide. This guide will make the incredible journey through cancer more poignant and life changing. Karen Allen has provided us with an amazing spiritual gift!" -Edward E. Partridge, M.D., Director, Comprehensive Cancer Center, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Professor of Gynecologic Oncology


"This book provides a sensitive and introspective evaluation of the stages of grieving and healing that occur after a cancer diagnosis. The insights that the author gives in this journey are intended to offer companionship and hope to the myriad of individuals whose lives are broken and then knit back together following an encounter with the beast "Cancer." One can appreciate the author's perspective that cancer impacts individuals, families, and communities in a numbers of ways, not all of which are negative. The message of this study is clear: self-examination and faith can serve to help in combating the fear that accompanies a breast cancer diagnosis." -Lisle Nabell, M.D., oncologist at the University of Alabama at Birmingham


"What a shock! I just turned 49 and was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. My first instinct was to cry my heart out and plead for a miracle. My second instinct was to saturate myself in God's Word and promises. This Bible study specifically geared for cancer was truly a God-send and a lifeline to help me charter through this scary and unknown territory. The lessons helped me recognize my feelings and fears, taught me the necessity of surrender and dependence on the Lord, and helped me claim God's promises of His love and grace. This study is a heartfelt, soul-wrenching guide that led me to an intimacy with my Lord never before experienced." -Sharon Cummings, ovarian cancer survivor


"Good conversational reading style with an upbeat perspective" -Candy Arrington, author of Aftershock: Help, Hope, and Healing in the Wake of Suicide


"Cancer attacks our body, mind, and spirit. Karen has thoughtfully given us a spiritual prescription to enable healing of our center - our soul. This guided Bible study directs us toward a maturing intimate, reassuring, relationship with our Father. We can find in Him rest, peace, and healing during the tumultuous times." -Susan Winchester, M.D., surgeon


"A worthy tribute to the cancer community" -Linn Wheelock, University of Alabama at Birmingham Comprehensive Cancer Center employee whose parents succumbed to cancer.


"More than an interactive Bible study weaving together personal experience and scriptural encouragement, Confronting Cancer with Faith will guide you to truly trust in the Great Healer and Comforter. You will find yourself closer to God and regain the ability to rejoice along the pathway. I believe this study will be of great help and benefit to those facing cancer and their families. Whether you walk through these pages individually or in a group, your heart will be gripped by the grace only offered through Jesus Christ." -Pastor B.R. Johnson, author of Simple Living in a Complex World!


"When my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, Karen's lessons were worthwhile and helpful to both of us. These lessons will benefit others going through serious health issues or other trying times in their lives" -Rubin E. Grant, writer and co-author of Tales from Alabama Prep Football


"Anyone who participates in this study will be inspired and encouraged. The author speaks with enthusiasm, understanding, and personal compassion for others." -Joanne M. Campbell, breast cancer survivor


"If you are a believer in Christ, you probably love the old song about the glory train. Then one day your "boarding pass" shows up unexpectedly, and the song doesn't sound so lively anymore. Confronting Cancer with Faith will walk you through the process of dealing with a life-altering diagnosis through negotiating the small (and large) ignominies encountered in the health care system, interacting with family and friends, working through your thoughts, and waiting for the next test result. This book lets you walk in the shoes of one who has gone before and, while deeply compassionate, places focus squarely on Christ. Thankfully for all of us, Karen was allowed to take a later train" -Lawrence Lamb, Ph.D., brain cancer researcher

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