Karen O. Allen

A study of encouragement, comfort,
and hope through the trials of cancer

"Your faith should not rest on the wisdom of men, but on the power of God." (I Corinthians 2:5)

The "C" word . . . CANCER . . . I could hardly bring myself to say it. I have cancer.
How could this happen? I've always been so healthy.
What should I do now?
Am I going to die?
What about my family?
Will my world ever be normal again?


These were some of the thoughts and questions I asked myself when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I knew I would receive the best medical care available but that wasn't enough. I needed more than what doctors could provide. I needed constant reassurance, comfort, and hope. There was only one sure way to get it: confront my cancer with faith.

Welcome to the website for "Confronting Cancer with Faith," where you can discover how to turn your cancer journey into a time of spiritual renewal. My award-winning Bible study is written specifically for the unique needs of those touched by cancer. It is useful for patients, spouses, family members, friends, caregivers, healthcare personnel, or anyone who wants to better understand the trials of cancer from a physical, mental, and spiritual viewpoint. The study addresses the deeper spiritual longings I had as I walked through the valley of cancer. Even now I have to be reminded how to live in contentment. This study is not just about breast cancer but is applicable for any type of cancer - that's what the lavender ribbon means.

Take a minute and browse through my website pages. You will find this is not only a site about my book but also about other mission interests I have including my new ministry, Ewe R Blessed Ministries. We all need to be reminded that we are indeed blessed by a Creator whose thoughts of us outnumber the grains of sand! "How precious also are Thy thoughts to me, O God! How vast is the sum of them! If I should count them, they would outnumber the sand" (Psalm 139:17-18).


Click here...Face cancer with faith, not fear. This award-winning Bible study written by Karen O. Allen, a cancer survivor, will guide you into a deeper faith. For Christians, non-Christians, patients, caregivers, and loved ones, its interactive format, relatable stories, and spiritual insights will encourage and guide you through each step of the cancer journey. This study is useful for cancer support groups, small church groups, or for individual study. Check out the About the Book page for more detailed information or contact Karen at karen@confrontingcancerwithfaith.com.



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Ewe R Blessed Ministries

Ewe R Blessed Ministries is a developing ministry meant to bring comfort and reassurance to those facing crisis situations in their lives. Whether that crisis is cancer, other health-related or mental issues, death, childlessness, loneliness, or disability, we need to be reminded that we are blessed by the touch of God in our lives. Like sheep, we must depend upon the Sovereign Lord to be our shepherd to meet our every need. "I will search for my lost ones who strayed away, and I will bring them safely home again. I will bandage the injured and strengthen the weak." (Ezekiel 34:16). Check out the Ministry-Missions page for more information.